Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Remember that Saved by the Bell episode where they competed to write the school's theme song their senior year? Zack wanted to be remembered for something other than his mischevious behavior and wanted to stamp his legacy on Bayside High. Everyone around him loved his song "Bayside is the School..." and he thought he'd win in a landslide. Mr. Belding then announced the result: a tie between Mr. Morris and Samuel "Screech" Powers rendition of "Give me a Home." Albert Clifford's reaction: "Man, there more nerds here than I thought!"

My point? Man, there are more Bush supporters here in the US than I thought! I knew there were a grip, but 59 million is insane-o. It makes me double think if we're living in the same country or not. Maybe he is the anti-christ afterall?!

On a related tip, anyone wonder how Screech always hung out with the cool people? AC was the jock, Zack was the ladies man, Kelly was the cheerleader, Lisa the Fashionista and Jessie the Pres. These cats are pretty high on the high school totem pole. Yet Screech was always kickin it with them. Which is cool. You'd think he'd be best buddies with that black nerd with the voice and glasses whose name escapes me right now.