Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So yesterday I was channel surfing in my whip, and I heard Mac Dre's new song on KMEL. Cool I thought, he's getting play. Then I had to make another trip, and I'm surfing again. One of Mac Dre's classics is playing on KYLD. He's getting airtime, but nothing like this. The first thing that came to mind was like, oh no, this can't be. It was the same ominous feeling when I got into my whip on September 13, 1996 and heard "Life Goes On" by 2pac. Mac Dre can't be dead?! I go home and its confirmed that his van got ambushed while on tour in Kansas City.

Cats outside the Bay probably don't know about Mac Dre. He paved the way for the E-40s and Too $horts of the Bay, and he's been making records since the 80s literally. I remember my classmate Bobby back in 7th grade used to sneak his tapes to class, and we'd alternate listening to his headphones. "Too Hard for the F^%&*n' Radio" to "California Livin'" to "The Game is Thick" to "Its Rainin' Game" to "Stupid doo doo Dumb" to the "Rompalation," he's been reppin' the bay for years. This cat actually made an album while behind bars! He was spittin for a whole album through a phone receiver.

RIP Andre Hicks.