Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Random (a)Musings for 11.09.04:

1. my nighttime routine involves watching the fresh prince on nick @ nite. how is uncle phil so big and carlton half his size?
1a. carlton banks = kanye west. they even dress alike!
1b. whatever happened to tatyana ali? she had that one single "all day long i think of you..."
2. so what does john kerry do next? i mean, it seems like any other job would be a let down right?
3. i wanted to go on a shoe buying hiatus for the month of november. that lasted a week =/
4. which is fine as long as i abide by the maxim: "own your possessions, don't let your possessions own you"
5. tape floss > regular string floss
6. how come a dude's GF can be called his wifey, but it sounds mad dumb if a chick's BF is called a "husbandy." i think i answered my own question.
7. fantasy league status as of this morning: 4 of 12, 6 of 12 and 4 of 10.
7a. goal for fantasy league by end of year: 1 of 12, 1 of 12 and 1 of 12.
8. white boy songs of the moment: the killers "somebody told me" and green days "blvd of broken dreams"
9. operation: KIT is running smoothly. some hiccups but am planning to have dinner with Miss Minn soon. sweeet
10. tentative december schedule: bachelor party, las vegas, arizona, tahoe, la (hopefully!), another bachelor party, christmas!
11. went to davis yesterday, and boy am i glad they didn't accept reegsta, since i really would've contemplated going there.
12. "everything happens for a reason"
13. it was a pretty good competitive weekend: on friday I played hold em with some coworkers and it was down to me and this other cat. we had basically an even amount of chips, with me slightly ahead. i'm holding A-2 and a 2-4-2 comes out on the flop. "ALL IN." Dude calls it and shows a 2-4!! A boat on the flop! "WTF" and i'm about to cry. whatever, i have literally 6 chips after the blind, and he's stacking 1000 chips. I'll get him next time I thought. But alas, Reeg comes back and wins. It made the Red Sox comeback look like little league.
13a. I also won a baby carrot eating contest. 33 in like 2 minutes. Could've been more but we ran out! i felt like kobyashi for a sec.
14. happy birthday swissely!
15. congrats for my older brother for asking the question to his wifey, and congrats to 'snup for the engagement too.
16. i NEED to go the the NaS concert next tuesday. tickets anyone?!