Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lately I've been sleeping AFTER I put my TV on sleep and waking up BEFORE my alarm goes off. Isn't that a bit twisted? Proposed resolutions are 1. just leave the TV on the whole night and 2. never set my alarm. Or possibly my mind is operating at graveyard hours causing me to stay up. As always there's crap on my mind, but nothing so infiltrating that's making me lose sleep. Well evidently it is, but I can't exactly pinpoint it. It could be a culmination of events or a combination of things. It's certainly not because I'ma LA fan. hehe

Congrats to D-Town. They were the better team, by far. It seems like LA just gave up in the 3rd. Flip...Flip...Flip...Flip...Game Over! Don't shed a tear for Karl, he once said a golf course is a waste of pasture land. He's also made over $100 million in his career. And he has Olympic Gold. As for GP, even if the Lake Show did win, he would've received his ring the same way Mitch Richmond did - as a non-factor. Maybe Karl and Gary should sign with the WARRIORS for their chance to win it again next year.

So I guess VS is having a big sale or whatnot. I've seen the commercials (oh la la!) and v-may goes shopping. She actually bought me some stuff there. There's a scent called Very Sexy2 that's supposedly the cleanest fragrance out for MEN, like myself. Then she pulls out a pair of boxers (yes, boxers) for me. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't think I could wear VICTORIA SECRET underwear. I might as well start drinking Midori Sours and Fuzzy Navels and watch Sex in the City reruns (ooops, skratch that last one). Its like an octopus trying to survive in the desert. Its just unnatural. I tried to tell her my manhood would be diminished if I put on a pair. Did I fail to mention it reads "VERY SEXY" on the waist? So I'm in the gym, some people got "CALVIN KLEIN" or "SEAN JOHN" or "BOULEVARD" (the fat people with BVDs) or some are just Commando, and here's scrawny Reeeg with his "VERY SEXY" draws on., I don't think so. The 100% cotton boxers are navy w/ like red and white polka dots ...they aren't lacy or silky or whatever, so I'm not sure how "VERY SEXY" is justified. Modeled pictures available upon request for a small fee.