Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yesterday my Yahoo! email account was like 95% full, then I peeped my email this morning like I usually do, and it was only at 1%! Bananas I thought. Is all my email deleted? But then, I saw that my storage quota bumped up to 2GB, doubling my beta gmail account. Some may think "hey, i only got 100MB!" But hear hear, I do pay $30 annually for POP server access and extra storage, so I just think this justifies it. You would think Hotmail would get on in and offer 3GB, but we all know Hotmail sucks.


From the desk of Jay Leno:

game 1: Wow, 19,000 fans were at staples last nite to watch the Lakers lose. Well, 19,002 if you count Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

game 3: Laker fans, Lakers lost again last nite. They only scored 68 pts. Detroit played great defense. In fact, after the game, Kobe asked the Pistons to come defend his trial in Colorado.

game 4: Not looking good for the Lakers. The Lakers were complaining about the Pistons. Yea, they said the Pistons were playing "As a Team". That can never happen in LA.

Former President Bush jumped out a plane over the weekend. Yea, he was that upset over the Lakers game.

Well, Jennifer Lopez offered the Lakers some support. She said if they don't win, she'll give each one of them a ring from her past marriages.

Hahahaha. But we won't be laughing anymore if Detroit finds a way to lose. Go PISTONS!


Some professors liked to be called "Dr. _____" or "Mr. ____" or simply their first name. How would you address this teacher?


Kanye/Ursher tickets went on sale this past weekend, and a small part of me wants to go to the concert. And according to VH1, guess who was voted hottest male body in pop music? No not Ruben Studdard, but it was Ursher. I think the list went something like this:

10. Kylie
9. Ashanti
8. Lachey
7. Britney
6. Justin
5. Crow
4. Ursher
3. Mrs. Anthony
2. Mrs. Shawn Carter
1. Mrs. Nick Lachey

Interesting, but Jessica doesn't really have a butt. Speaking of which, Newlyweds v.III starts tomorrow! Whoooo. I'ma catch it right after the Meth and Red sitcom, which looks mad stupid funny.


Lastly, happy belated birthday to Mary Kate and Ashley. Have fun in NYU this fall.