Tuesday, June 01, 2004

After an extended weekend, back to the grind. This week shouldn't be so bad, since hugo is out. The weather is real nice outside, my steering wheel was mad warm. We do have a parking garage, but i'm not gonna fork over a c-note a month for those privileges. Thanks to those that came out on Friday to the V-may B-day bizzash. Hope you ate well and drank much. Thanks to Snup for being photographer:

V-may's deuce-5

Thanks J for yacking (someone had to)...thanks taft and MSB for keepin reeg sane while V-may was insane in the car ride...thanks xtine for the cab ride...and thanks to everyone else showing up. Food was good huh?

Saturday did a lil shopping up in V-ville, came home w/ a ringer shirt and a pair of kicks. Could've bought more, but reeg restrained himself. Tried to earn my skrilla back, but finished in 3rd place in yet another game of poker. Just missed out of the moolah. Happy belated to Moms, whose b-day was this past Sunday. Went to the g-yard to visit the grand-parentals, had thai food and grocery shopped @ trader joe's. Beer alert: SAN MIGUEL LIGHT is sold at TJ's for $5 for a 6pac! Suffice to say, reeg was excited when he saw the SML after rumors circulated that it was sold there. Monday came and I slept in til 1pm and headed down to Burlingame Ave to go window shopping. A shoe boutique is planning to open 2morrow, and they had an exhibition this weekend. So if you're ever in that hood, i suggest to visit - its 1112 Burlingame ave. What sucks is that I used to work literally a mile away from that spot, now its a 15 minute commute. Maybe i'll sneak there during my lunch hour tomorrow. I then did some more grocery shopping, watched the game, and concluded my day. Hope your wknd was as relaxing as mine.