Monday, June 07, 2004

happy monday afternoon...

it was a decent weekend, i freakin saw an SB head or two every day. saw Marvin and Will on their bikes outside a mall in san bruno. Man, every filipino guy in DC has a joke. Except me, since I can't even drive stick.

on saturday we kicked it w/ e-fresh and missled for an early birthday bash. I probably can't make it to LA, so he came up and celebrated kinda. he's been talking about it for awhile, and it may come to fruition now. please note: if you ever get contacts, try not to wear them for the 1st time on a night where you plan on being sloshed, or else you'll end up having a friend put them back in your eye for you.

on the sabbath i ran into miss trish at church of course. she was late. well, i was too sorta, but at least i stayed until the final blessing. i also went shopping down in valley fair, but didn't buy anything, so does that still count? rushed home to catch the final .25 of the pistons game...whooooo go D-town!

in US weekly news...
- trace ayala is bout to wed the girl next door. so much for my theory of elisha tryna pry away justin
- nick and paris split up...i'm sure i called it when i first reported it. note to self: check archives on the over/uner
- and lastly but not leastly...drumroll pretty please....must breathe...okay...i'm shaking as i type this. jessica alba is prepping for her next movie a stripper. big gulp. read that again: JA is about to play a stripper in an upcoming flick w/ bruce willis. talk about a horrible premise! sike

man, i must hit the gizzym today. have a good one-two