Wednesday, June 09, 2004

So yesterday I met up with a few heads to watch the pistons game. We went to Knuckle’s in b-game, saw Warrior’s play by play man Jim Barnett, and drank some beer. Knuckle’s probably has the worst happy hour ever. I mean, this is a sports bar after all. I should expect more than just 1 beer on the menu. Really, the special they had was a black butte porter. Wtf is a porter? I don’t want a steak-inspired beer. So we munched on $12 fat burgers instead. At least the peanuts and popcorn are free. We also had a wack waitertress (we thought he was gay), and didn’t want to tip him the standard 10%. But when we get the bill, gratuity is fixed @ 18%. Grrrrrr. After we leave him $93.50 for a $93.49 tab, Michelle thinks we overtipped him and proceeded to make change for that quarter.

What surprised reeg was the amount of laker fans in the bar. It seems like we were watching the game in Compton. Well, actually it was like a 60%/40% ratio rooting for the bad guys. But of course our table was pulling for the bad boys v. II. You’re never comfortable against the lake show in the postseason until the final buzzer sounds. Images of broomsticks clouded my mind during the final moments of the game, yet after diesel converted the triple play, I knew they had a chance. D-12 (thanks luna-tic for the nickname) had cranium gas (read: brain farts) on the last possessions. Every they should’ve done, they didn’t. Fluke Walton (thanks callwave for the nickname) had the game of his life. That’s the thing with this squad though…some scrub steps up. Watch rick fox-williams go for 20 in the next game.

When kb8 had the rock, visions of the last regular season game vs. the potland jailblazers came up. As did visions of his rookie year against the jazz. But when did reeg know he was gonna make it? Right when freakin abc put up the stat showing he’s the worst 3pt shooter in the nba playoffs or something. Damn. As lil flip would say, Game Over.