Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5 nights is way too long to stay in las vegas. However, it was still an overall dope trip. After analyzing the final roster, I thought it was a pretty weird group going and wasn't sure how we were gonna mesh. But everything turned out well.

Got there Wed night around midnight. Didn't do much, just went to a local tavern and had drinks w/ my brother.

Thursday we slept in and caught the nba draft. Very anti-climatic I might add. The crew rolled through around 2:30ish am. You'd think after a freakin 10 hour car ride they'd be mad tired? Yeah, so they just stopped by and headed straight for the strip. And I thought I was a soldier.

Don't wanna bore you with details, but we did the usual veGas thing, nothing to extreme or out of the ordinary, unless you count Pandora wanting to give Nick her email addy for "photos" at Sapphire. Or even more surprising, Nick refusing it haha. Speaking of um, gentlemen's clubs, this was the first time V-may been to one. At first she was like "no LD's for you!" But later that night, she let up and said that I could get one if I wanted. However, I refused, since it would be pretty weird getting an LD right next to your GF. We wanted her to get one too, but she didn't feel like it. We had a flight to catch in like 5 hours. By the way, Sundays are not the best days to go to these types of places.

Damn, I just realized that I dropped a Benji here and didn't even get a LD!

NBA people seen (not at sapphire): Bonzi Wells, Amare Stoudemire, Casey Jacobsen, Ervin Johnson, Derek Anderson, Brevin Knight, Mike James, Adrian Griffin, Allan Houston, Brian Cardinal, Kevin Ollie, Kenny Thomas, Milk Wilkes (?) and lastly Gavin Maloof. There was a NBA Scrub Player's meeting or something.

Saw a bit of the Palms Girl competition. It was aight. We were just looking for scar tissue.

Everytime I go to Vegas I plan on gambling and losing 5 bills. But this time, I actually came up. High point was like up 450, but I came home up 2, so that's like netting 700! Not sure why I played War, but it netted me a hun-spot.

Bellagio's Buffet was as bomb as Bobby Bouche. And Roberto's was good too.

That's all I can remember for now. Shouts to Long, Nick, Tiff, Mike, Jizz and V-may - hope yall had fun!