Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Roots – Rising Down
Bose In-Ear Headphones

It’s a double dose of reegviews today, since I need to be like Del Monte and catch-up on past entries. So after much deliberation, I’ve finally graduated from the generic iPod earbuds to some Bose ones. And I’m glad I switched the style up! The sound is richer and cleaner, while being less staticky and flat. But I remember I was happy with listening to dubs over another recording on an old Maxwell, so I guess I’m not hard to please. There is one caveat however, and its that sound quality is optimized at a higher bitrate, so I’m finding myself in a conundrum. I have about 7K songs in 128MHz, so it would be very onerous to convert these into 192MHz, especially for a subtle difference. I might just enforce the rule going forward yeah? Once again laziness prevails.

As far as The Roots 8th studio recording [and what do you know, I got them all], I was pretty pleased but not astonished after the initial listen. But as I like to say, Illmatic didn’t give me a woody after my first listen either, so knowing their track record [that’s a subliminal double entrendre, as they record tracks!], I shouldn’t be too worried. They’ve reached the level where I would buy their album regardless of reviews, opening singles or feedback, since I’ma be in store whatever Tuesday that is. I absolutely loved all of their albums since Illadelph, and while this doesn’t punch as hard as Game Theory either, it sounds like it’ll hold its own. Other people might complain of their repetitive nature of social commentary, but I for one appreciate their consistency. They’re like a group of Tim Duncans – they get the job done without much fanfare. I just don’t know why isn’t Malik B a permanent member now?

Solid 4 out of 5 Mics