Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confessions of a Sneakerhead: The Safari Edition

Is this really my first pair of AF1’s since the World Cup packs? Probably, since the 25th anniversary was severely disappointing. But anyway, I’m generally not interested in shoes being inspired by other shoes, so normally this wouldn’t catch my eye. And when the first sample pics rolled out, I had to do a double check for these and the Spiridon ones. I made a mental note to pick up the latter ones, and even tried them on first. It just didn’t look right though, as if I was cheating on my Spiridons. The store employee, who was actually really courteous and un-boutique employee like, had on The Safari joints and they looked fresh on him, so they should look extra fresh on me right?. I have the CO.JP exclusive Air Trainer Safari but not the actual original Air Safari [sorry Biz Markie], so I was leaning towards these even moreso.

Contemplating the purchase, I thought about them since I was on vacay, and wanted a memento to take home. Yeah I could have them for $20 cheaper off eBay, but when I wear them, I wouldn’t think about the trip I took. Then the worker forgot to mention that the whole store was 20% off. Sold! And it was validated after seeing them for higher prices in the subsequent stores I visited.