Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yesterday marked reegsta's and the v-maysta's 9th anniversary. As in years. Whoa almost a decade. Its funny, we get the same reaction from everyone when we say its been that long. Even from family members. We started dating when i was a dorky junior with braces and a part down the middle with glasses. Sexy I know. Not sure how I pulled off that braces/glasses combo. Good thing I didn't fly a lot, since i would've set off many metal detectors. I'm "ew-ing" (not to be confused with patrick ewing) right now just thinking about it. As I'm recollecting, I only wore the glasses in class, and took em off right when the bell rang. Or at SI, when the tone toned. So if i accidentally ran into you, I apologize. I couldn't see ya.

Anyhow, we had reservations last night at Boulevard. I actually invited a few of you from saturday, but it looks like no one wanted to celebrate it with us! As I was taking a premeal piss, I was reading the Zagat reviews on the restuarant hanging above the urinal (I wonder if they have that in women's bathrooms?!). "Voted best of SF" for like 5 straight years. Alright, how can it be that good? I proceed back to the dinner table and we order an appetizer. ***Guys: When on a date, always order an appetizer! Even if you're broke and not that hungry. Trust me.*** We get our lobster linguini, which looks like a full meal for Mary-Kate when she was playing Michelle on Full House. That was scrumptulous. Then we get our main courses, and I never thought chicken and prime rib could taste so good. I needed to clean my slate, so I asked for a refill of my Diet Coke. The waiter said slyly "so you want another one?" I was like, damn, now he gonna charge me for 2 dranks. Didn't wanna look kareput and say "nevermind," so i was like "YES!" You better believe I drank the whole thing, to the H20'down bottom of it making that slurping sound. Dessert was the only thing that could've been better, but it was still bomb.

Did I mention it was the nicest restuarant I've been? I'm no jetsetter by any means, but I could get used to meals like this. It kinda justified the tab. The food was mad good (funny how "food" and "good" don't rhyme). It was so tasty that I don't wanna drop a load for the next couple days so that I can somehow retain it. Constipation here I come!

When you've been together for 9 years, what do you get each other? That's 9 birthdays, 9 anniversaries, 9 Xmas's and 9 Valentine's at least. OMGoodness, that's like 36 gifts...whoa. We get each other gift certificates! I got her one to Neiman Marcus (who only accept AMEX and cash - they think they're Costco or someone?!?!) and I received one from Best Buy. =)

I know you don't read this (only when you see a KK commercial on and wondered if I blogged about it), but happy anniversary baby. =P