Friday, September 24, 2004

Friday's grab bag. Maybe I'll try to be consistent with this and have all my random thoughts on friiiday:

- the best porn sites on the net are: and
- i should really really use my account. even Norrrmmm is on it.
- myspace > friendster. see the reason above. so did friendster ever charge? that was like the biggest storyline of 2003 haha.
- i'ma resurrect my friendster account too...maybe.
- don't doctors say that riding a bicycle is a potential cause of impotency? so wouldn't that mean riding motorcycles is even greater? yet another reason not to get a bike (not like i would anyway)
- its crazy, i was listening to the radio this morning and they mentioned that the SH-SI Bruce Mahoney game is on tonight. and this alumnus didn't even know.
- i love oxtail. its like my favorite meat.
- white boy song of the week: i don't want to be - gavin degraw. i think its been playing on some WB show spots.
- v-may thinks i'm gay when i sing along to a jason mraz song. i mean, its not like he's much worse than john mayer.
- summer is officially over. **looks back at summer goals/resolutions** man, i did like 10% of my goals. still living @ the same spot, car still needs paint. ** transfers them to fall goals/resolutions** So not good.
- this is pretty old news too, but did anyone hear about ja rule? basically, on an episode of cribs, he was fronting like that house was his. in fact, he rented the house for a week. what a scrub.
- games on the horizon: tiger woods 2K5, nba live 2K5 and Def Jam: fight for NY ** hopes EA connect comes through**
- paris hilton supposedly trademarked the term "that's hot". now that's hot.
- irony of the week: why are fatter people always in sweatsuits/tracksuits? i mean, isn't there purpose athletically-inspired? but yet, it seems as if they'd break a sweat just putting it on? things that make ya go hmmm...
- i need to read more blogs. i have like 10 friends who do this, but only ci-squared does it regularly. and i don't wanna be blog stalker!
- anyone notice my boss wasn't here the latter part of the week?