Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My new favorite color of moment is YELLOW. Its a great complementary color:

with green: Oakland A's, Brazil
with brown: UPS, piss and poop
with red: fire
with blue: mission dolores colors
with orange: a retro hallucenating, tie-dye look
with grey: lightning, the skate shoe popular color
with black: steelers
with purple: lakers and huskies
with navy: georgia tech

The only color it doesn't look good with is WHITE. that's because white is the absence of color - very blandish.

Good thing I got my LIVESTRONG band. Yes, I know, everyone has it. WEAR YELLOW!

It reminds me of a joke I sorta use sometimes once inwhile occasionally. When someone buys an article of yellow clothing, they ask what matches with it. I simply go "Yo teeth sucka!"