Thursday, September 16, 2004

6 days til the SV season premier. Can you believe this is the start of the 4th year?? They're seniors already! And we've met them when they were only freshman. LL was a cheerleader. Clark was a slim awkward youngin. Pete was there. Chloe was and is still bugging. Anyway, last night I peeped the 2 part 2 hr finale of last season, and boy was that a crazy episode. Crazy plotlines left and right. Did Lana jump on the plane? Did Chloe and her papi die? Who spiked Lex's drink?

And I saw the trailer for next week's season premier. It was bananas. If you didn't peep it, another LL makes their debut - Lois Lane. I was sorta sad, because we all know Clark digs Lois in their adulthood. It's like watching a movie and getting sad about the ending only because you saw it already. Regardless, you still get sad. Okay I may be jumping to conclusions, but that's why we watch. SV loyalists will recall a scene which Chloe referenced her cousin Lois Lane in an episode in Season II. Anyway, I avoid during this time because I hate spoilers. I like my ish fresh! *anxiously awaits TiVo in the mail*