Friday, January 23, 2009

Slumdog Rupee-aire

my favorite scene from the movie!

So G and I just had a dinner and a movie night since we're trying save money. But we spent over $100 on food, the flick and the parking! There was probably a reason why I just go to that one Korean BBQ spot if I eat in J-Town, its because sushi there is way overpriced! I think I paid $18.50 for a 4 piece spider roll and a spot aptly called Fuku Sushi - well right back at you! Just now I'm reading the yelp reviews and I saw like 10 1 star reviews in a row. Eff that place dammit. We should've just went to the Sundance Bistro or something.

Anyway we trekked back to Kabuki to watch what all the hype is about. I vaguely heard about the flick's premise - someone from the slum village gets picked on their version of Millionare and somehow keeps on advancing. Then it got all the awards on the Golden Globes which further piqued my interest. Lastly Indians are still Asians so I wanted to support our fellow ethnic people, so it was a wrap! Although Notorious came out the same day, we're waiting for the shootings to settle down before watching that.

I don't want to blow it up or anything, but its pretty much a must-watch movie. The storyline was pretty unique as well. I mean I don't think I ever saw a movie based in Mumbai [fka Bombay], so the setting also made this a stand-out. The character development and plot and acting were all top notch. And I didn't even mention how fly Freida Pinto is! Damn she should change her name to Freida Ferrari.

But don't listen to me vouch for this movie. My former co-worker who was born in India recommends it, so listen to Bheem. I wonder if Anup was watched it too? But anyway, this movie could've very well been set in Manila, so I'm hopeful for the PI to get their Slumdog one day.