Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Where: Tribu Grill
When: January 8, 2009
Who: [deep breath] Reeg, Rach, Tiff B, Steph, Ant, G, Tiff L, Alex, Dennis, Trish, Jeff K, Jeff L, Nick, Louise, Tim, Alan & Arlene [whew!]
What: Filipino Food!
How Much: $20 [but a chance to win a free dinner if you come back!]

Considering the line-up of 17, either people were anxious for the first foodie of 2009 or I made such an inviting evite or maybe they were just plain hongry. Looking at that lineup and we have a set of Tiffs, a set of Jeffs, a set of Zohrs and a set of Ajostes. So if you want people to go to your selection, make sure they have a partner of some sort.

Anyway I guess I've been pigeon-holed to select Pinoy themed restaurants, and since I've never been here, I thought it would be a good choice. And I was right! Eating here inspired me to make hella Filipino food lately.

This was almost 2 weeks ago so I'm going off memory of what table 1 ordered [ed's note: I just looked at the menu online - mucho easier]
- Calamari [thanks to Ant, we endured ridicule from table 2]
- Lumpia Shanghai [yes, China named their city after our variation of the eggroll - go figure]
- TFC [their variation of San Tung chicken wings, which was only okay, but would be good if I never had San Tung haha]
- Pork Sisig [the real ish, with the meat from the pig's face]
- California Sisig [more traditional american parts of the pig]
- Sinagang [Tiff L's only request]
- Ribeye salpicao [their version of bistek, which was aaaaight]
- Crispy Pata [uhhh….dennis was at our table]
- Lechon Kawali [my fav, I could eat this like popcorn]
- Adobo Rice [they didn't have adobo just a la carte, go figure again!]
- Binagoogan Fried Rice [wow this was on point! mangoes and bagaoong on fried rice - nuff said]
- Frozen Brazo [never had it, but it was the only thing Rach ate]
- Turon [okay I'm hungry again]

And that was all washed down with a Mango slushie.

I just realized I really like typing [brackets], since that wasn't really necessary. However I'm lazy to edit it. Anyway, we pretty much ordered the whole menu! Table 2 ordered similarly, except they ordered some kare^2, which looked pretty good.

So Tribu leapfrogged past Patio as my favorite Filipino restaurant on the peninsula. Their prices are fairer, they have more creativity with their dishes and it just tastes better. It felt like your Tita's were in the back prepping all the food. I would definitely come back and recommend this spot for sure.

Personally I'm just glad to see more Filipino restaurants sprouting up. I mean I remember back in the day when it was just Goldilocks, where I try not to eat at until they change that blond chick as their logo. I mean that's like Panda Express since an image of the Little Red Riding Hood to promote their food. Change it to a Pinay chick, and she doesn't even have to be full! Anyway as a note to self, I won't make a foodie post right before its time to eat dinner.