Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work Pet Peeves

We all have them, yet it seems likely that these annoyances have been heightened. Maybe its because I'm staying longer and thus have more things to be bugged about. I try not to let the small things bug me, but sometimes I just can't help it!

So here we go:
- When you go to the copier and it's on sleep mode, and you have to wait like 2 minutes to photocopy 1 sheet of paper.
- When you go to the copier and someone doesn't reset their settings, so you end up printing 15 copies when you only needed one.
- When you go to the copier and someone leaves it in pdf mode, and you end up erroneously emailing it to the last person who used it.
- When someone sends you a file in .tif format and you are confused what program to open it up with. Aren't pdfs universal already?
- When your controller calls your assistant controller on speakerphone, when he's just sitting next door and both their doors are open. And you end up hearing an echo and it's effin' annoying.
- When someone walks by your desk and throws away something in your garbage can.
- When your controller has a meeting in his office and keeps his door open.
- When you ride an elevator and someone is hella close to the doors when it re-opens. Give me space!
- When people forward you a 10MB attachment that has no relevance to you. I only have a finite amount of space!
- Audit requests. Internal and external.
- When people throw away white paper in the black trash can when the blue recycling can is adjacent to it.

Bonus peeves!
- When you're riding BART and an officer randomly shoots and kills someone. No jp, when you're riding BART and you have the inside seat but are leaving, and the person sitting in the aisle just swings his/her legs toward the aisle, causing you to struggle to exit. Just get up!