Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Peep into my eBay Inbox

Man, and I thought I was particular with my threads! Check this one out:

Dear reegsta,

Hi there, sorry for the delay. I've just sent you my payment for the brand new Pac Man Tee via Paypal. I know you have quite a few of these tees, could you please pick the one with the PERFECT quality (no craftmanship defects, good quality print, and graphic is centered, not off the the side, etc.)? PLEASE!! My sincere apology for my pickyness. I really like this tee and want to have the PERFECT one. Thank you very very much for your kindness and sorry for the troubles. Much appreciated!!!

- 501boy

This is in reference to those Pacman shirts that I've been selling. Okay let me get this straight, homie is asking for the perfect mass-produced shirt that was made in China by some pre-teens. Does he want Manny's autograph too? Is he gonna take a measuring tape out and calculate how centered the logo is? Is he gonna test the pigmentation of the various colors? Does he not realize that it's just a screen-printed tee that probably cost $3 to make? If that? Shouldn't he just be happy the sleeves are the same length and the words are spelled correctly? It's not like he bought an Armani piece and is getting an Alfani item instead. But I'll appease him, and give him the shirt that has the gold star next to the "inspected by" sticker hahaha.

Go Pacman!

Here is another curious email I received:

Dear reegsta,

what's up? a friend of mine is doing a blog on bo's and he wanted a couple of pics and pple to talk about their love for his kicks. you came to mind when he asked me if I knew any other bo jackson fans. if your down you can contact him at

- bknowbles

I was like "how do you know I'ma Bo fan?" when I am, but I don't really express it. He came back with:

Dear reegsta,

yeah i always watch different sellers items that ive saved and i see you have alot of heat specially bo's. great vintage by the way so if your interested hit him up at his name is jaya. thanks

- bknowbles

Apparently what I sell impacts what people's perceptions are of me! Whew good thing I didn't get caught up selling used girl's panties or something, otherwise the Catch a Predator dude would've been on my tail! But anyway I should just forward my Ploomy passion piece about kicks and call it a day. I dunno though, each new time I read that I wish I wrote it differently. Oh well.