Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dear ReegSpeak,

Sorry, I've spending a lot of time with Facebook lately, so I've been kinda neglecting you. Just so you won't feel out of the loop and to the ReegSpeakers that don't frequent FB, here are 50 things folks might not know about me. Most of it is stupid, and some of it is stupider haha. I'll go on a FB hiatus one day...

01. I love leading zeroes and always add them when I can.
02. When I grab a newspaper, I never ever take the top one b/c I'm scared its incomplete.
03. I blogged loyally from 2002 to 2005, then took a 3 year hiatus and started again last year. Similarly Jesus has a few years missing in the New Testament, I have a few years missing on ReegSpeak.
04. I have every SLAM Magazine from #1 [that Larry Johnson cover] to #100, and even the regional covers too.
05. I once shot a 77 at Sharp Park Golf Course in the summer of 1997, but haven't been south of 80 in years.
06. I have long hairy toes, and I was once nicknamed L.T. [for Long Toes] by someone who's actually on my FB friend list.
07. My frosh suitemate was named Keegan. Regan and Keegan - how cool.
08. I love goat meat [Kambing in tagalog]. Like seriously love it. I probably was a hunter in my prior life.
09. I read magazines from the back to front. If I wasn't a hunter, I was probably a Japanese kamakazi in my prior life.
10. I maintain a mental bucket list and only reveal them until the goal actually came to fruition or materialized.
11. I question the 'best by' dates and 'expiration' dates of a lot of food products. I mean if its 'best by Oct-08' that means its at least good by Jan-09 yeah?
12. I have an empty bottle of Cristal in my kitchen that I’m saving for my first rap video.
13. I love watching American Greed: Scams on CNBC.
14. I went to Ballet School when I was around 5 years old, which explains my gracefulness. I was still the hardest dude there though. So yeah, I had ballet lessons and golf lessons as a youngin but not swimming lessons - go figure.
15. Before the Internet, I used to transcribe my favorite rap songs and type them up in WordPerfect on my old 386.
16. At one time, I had every Kenny Anderson basketball card that ever existed. A big middle finger goes out to John Starks!
17. I matriculated at UC-Santa Barbara before even visiting the campus.
18. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite stories. Something about vengeance makes me happy.
19. I won a burrito eating speed contest b/c I could chew faster than a squirrel. Freebirds FTW!
20. I bought records without having turntables. Buying for the future I guess.
21. The itchiest part of my body are my nipples.
22. I always always need to read something when its time for #2, even if I wake up in the middle of the night for those 4am bombs and my contacts aren't on and such.
23. Contrary to belief, I've never owned a pair of Nike Cortez, Guess overalls, a Starter Parka or Cross Colour jeans. I had them suede Ellesses though.
24. I once got a parafin wax while waiting in the PI and it was one of the worst pains my feet ever felt. They sure were buttery smooth afterwards though.
25. Some may already know about all my kicks, but I also have mad socks too!
26. I really don't have much free time on my hands, but you might think otherwise based on my internet habits
27. One time on the solo drive back to UCSB, I wanted to see if I could make the trip back without getting out of my car. But I really had to pee-pee after drinking a bottle of gatorade. So I just said screw it and took a piss in the [wide-mouthed] empty bottle, which was partially inspired by that scene in Dumb & Dumber. So I never did get out of my car during that trip.
28. I've seen Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera live, but neither Nas or Jay-Z.
29. If kicks/hip-hop/hoops were the only categories on Jeopardy, then I'd be Ken Jennings.
30. When I rap along to songs, I skip the expletives, even if I'm by my lonesome.
31. I once scored a double-eagle on Fleming's 5th hole, which odds are estimated at 1 million to 1. Yes, even rarer than a hole-in-one!
32. I never had my own room until I started paying rent.
33. I haven't used a brush or comb in the past 6 years, nor do I own any.
34. I once acted in a play as the cross-dressing gay Asian version of Anton in an adaption of "Men On Film" from the In Living Color show. I wore some pleather girl pants and some leopard top haha. It was quite possibly the most embarassing thing I've ever done and hopefully will never show up on YouTube.
35. I once plaigarized one of my brothers papers [Ryan obviously] and received an A, after being inspired by Ben Seaver selling Carol Seaver essays from Growing Pains.
36. I have every bank transaction itemized on Microsoft Money since 1998.
37. I've probably seen Spaceballs over 50 times but the Star Wars only once or twice.
38. This numbering methodology was partially inspired by The Roots discography.
39. I once yakked on my roommate's bed. Sorry Eric.
40. My UC application was returned to me because I put "02/25/97" as my birthday rather than "02/25/79." No wonder why UCLA [my first choice] didn't accept me!
41. I brush my teeth in the shower, and sometimes I spit out onto my package, which feels kinda good.
42. I saw Tiger Woods [at a US Open qualifier at Lake Merced] and Lebron James [at a AAU run] when they were both 16 years old. Coincidentally, they share the same birthday [Dec 30th].
43. I once ordered 6 pairs of Jordans from Finishline but received like 20 pairs. I didn't feel bad because its not my fault that had poor internal controls. This was before Sarbanes-Oxley went into effect.
44. I always check for my name on those Inter-Office envelopes that get passed around work, to see if I've been through that envelope before.
45. I once killed a bird on the 3rd hole at Harding with a piercing drive down the middle, and once hit a man on the 18th hole with an errant approach shot. Different rounds however.
46. I met Boyz-II-Men at the Manila Airport, but never saw the pic that we took with them.
47. I probably read every NBA boxscore ever since I could read, as I always read The Sporting Green in the car ride since 1st grade.
48. That above along with watching scrambled television is probably the reason I have poor vision.
49. Thanks to my older brothers [well maybe just Jon], I saw my first pr0n flick when I was 5 years old and wondered why the guy's "pee" was gooey haha.
50. I've never smoked a cigarette or even took a puff of one in my 29 years of living. I'm going for immortality!