Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wow no posts for like a week! Like I've explained to some (thanks loyal readers!), reeg's suffered from a minor cold and hence some blogstipation. But when there's a historic sporting event transpiring, it is my responsibility to donate my 2 cents. Dang, this week has been up there with one of the greatest series/comebacks that i've witnessed. Lord knows i'm not the only one too. Didn't think I'd watch too much of the postseason after the GIANTS demise, but as I've often said - sports is the greatest reality tv. And that's why I can watch it forever. Johnny Damon = Je-Sus Walks! And he hits home runs. Derek Jeter can have Jessica Alba, I'd rather be in the World Series. Wait...ummmmm...I have to think 2wice about that. Regardless, watching this past week of that series is, dare I say it, almost on par with March Madness! Unless Tech wins of course. I'm happy most for the true fans of the SoX, not the Yankee h8rs. A true sports fan doesn't revel in another team's misery unless it is their rival. Or Dook. But this is all moot if they don't win it all, and the curse shall prevail.

Does SV play second fiddle to a stupid baseball game?!? No, but I'll make an exception for today. How does one watch both in its entirety without the aid of a VCR? God bless the man (or woman, but not to be sexist, most likely a dude) who invented TiVo. Its about half past midnight, and I just finished watching the Flash episode. So here's my reegcap:

- The episode got off to a great start with the Roots single playing in the opening scene. Sign of things to come.
- I have a feeling the Flash will make a return. But later on in his adulthood, he rocks tights too. Man, maybe that was a mutual decision?
- Lana's a virgin! Through some deduction, and how Jason has never seen her "tattoo" before, that means he hasn't seen her naked. And you can't do the deed fully clothed, so I came to that conclusion.
- As I was typing that above, I realized that they were in Paris together before the tat incident. And Paris is only the most romantic city in the world. Oh well.
- Really, she needs to stop kissing Jason and interact with more characters. She's almost isolated from the Crowe Crew. So if she lives above the Talon, doesn't all that noise irritate her? And if I were in Smallville, I'd be the Talon's #1 customer.
- Hate to say it, but I miss Lois. I might start watching Desperate Housewives so I can see her! (yes lame attempt at a joke)
- Speaking of which, doesn't that title sound like something you'd find on Skinemax around 3am?
- Lex is still hiding ish from CK. And that of course goes both ways. Where will the map lead them?
- Wow, LL brought Jason to the caves and exposed her secret. And CK is still in the dark. Tell him Lana! I'm starting to give up hope.
- Love the not-so-subtle references with the Flash. "Maybe we should start a league or something." Novices may think of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Retards may think of 20K Leagues under the Sea. Nerds it can only mean The Justice League! Probably the 2nd illest cartoon of all time (behind the Transformers most def).

Oh yeah, those added to the blonde list: Kelly Ripa, Cameran from Real World: Daygo, and Tara from the Bachelor a season ago...yum.