Thursday, October 14, 2004

Based on the previews, I didn't really look 4wd to this episode. But alas, I thought it was pretty funny and overall a decent hour.

* Clark saved Jason's life, beating out a speeding bullet in the process. If I were one of CKs friends, I'd start keeping stats on how many lives he's saved. Double points for Lana's.
* Lana and Jason kiss way too much.
* Funny how we always see the assistant coach, but no head coach.
* Big ups to Lex for buying the team some Nikes. Notice the boxes!
* I like the cheerleaders at SVH: young, fit and slutty. Too bad the cheerleaders at SI were dudes. =/
* It was only a matter of time before Clark and Lex reconciled their friendship.
* "I still have feelings for Lana" - Too bad LL doesn't reciprocate...or will she?
* Chloe should lower her standards and date like an underclassman or something.
* CK and Chloe are pretty intuitive, so you'd think they have an inkling on Jason and LL.
* It hurt me when LL said she was at practice for Clark.
* I'm actually liking the new characters this season, but still miss Pete. If Whitney could come back, at least Pete Ross can make a cameo.
* LoLa is pretty cool...I like the sassiness. Wierd thing is I saw Teri Hatcher guest star on Sienfeld yesterday too, back when I thought she was h-o-t.
* I wonder if Clark's gonna try out for the basketball team also? He'd wreck shop there.
* Mr. Kent looked disappointed when Clark threw that bomb to win the game.
* There seems to be a lot of sexual tension in the 'Ville this year. And good thing Clark wasn't attracted to that cheerleader, otherwise there would be fireworks (re: that Krista Allen episode).

Sorry this is so not in chronological order, but just the order that it came to mind. Next week looks ill: Flash is like my 2nd fave superhero!