Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ever see those FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION websites? Well about 6 months ago, I figure "hey...why not" and put in a 2 year STUFF subscription (since I'm already a loyal MAXIM reader). So the other day, I check my mailbox, and my first issue comes! This ish actually works?!

Thought/Peeve of the day: why does it take 10-12 weeks for a magazine subscription to commence? Even with all these new technologies and equipment to make things more efficient, we still get the shaft with magazine subscriptions. Same thing with rebates. It shouldn't take more than a week to bill your card, create your label and stamp it on the mag yeah? What accounts for the other 9-11 weeks?

Which reminds me, I didn't get my SLAM for the last couple months, and I did a 3 year renewal back in APRIL.

And I (we) bought my first issue of PLAYBOY ever. The theme was College Girls of the ACC, and it was polybagged, so it had to be purchased. Don't ask.