Thursday, October 07, 2004

Reeg's been busy lately; hence, there are a lack of posts. But even through the busy-ness (business?) he'll do a reeg-cap of SV 04.03: Kryp-tuck! Plus I gotta beat MSB (if she does one too)

* Whoa Nelly Furtado...Whitney made a cameo! I had thought that it was just old footage from 2K1, but alas, his name was in the opening credits. Good thing LL dumped him, since girls don't wanna date a guy named Whitney! They prefer something more masculine, like Regan. Or Clark works too.
* Wasn't Proactiv available back then? Scabby Abbey, who morphed into Slutty Abbey during the show, would've saved a lot of problems.
* LL must have a thing for .25backs. Dammit I knew I picked the wrong sport to play in HS! So Jason is formerly from Metropolis and they ran into each other in Paris. Cool.
* Anyone know the proximity between Metropolis and Smallville? SV is definitely in Kansas, but Metropolis seems way more urban than that. Maybe its near Gotham City or something.
* I find myself applauding the show when something good happens. Like literally clapping at the screen. IE, Clark on the FB field. It'd be a shame if someone somehow tackled him.
* LoLa (lois lane) seems way old for HS. Shoot, she seems old for college!
* Chloe got thicker over the summer.
* LoLa was actually likeable this episode. I guess when she shares scenes with cuz, it can be like that.
* The previews made this episode to be all sex-like, but it wasn't even like that. LL and Abbey did their Brit/Mags thing, but it wasn't in the context that people expected. Suckas!
* Man, I hope LL doesn't get 7 years bad luck. Anyone wonder how Hollywood breaks so many mirrors? Any people wonder why careers are washed up so quickly. B/c they break mirrors!
* So what happens now when LL and All-City look into a mirror? Back to normal?
* Call me crazy, but I actually like that Jason cat. He seems like a welcome addition to the 'ville. V-may even says he's cute. But of course not as fly as LL!
* I love how Lex always has a read on people. Except Clark.
* Fumugated kryptonite to beautify people? Man, that's one versatile rock!
* Will the dump tank be the impetus of Lois and Clark? (sorry i just wanted to use the word impetus) They had chemistry like a science project! And Chloe again is playing the sidelines. Perfect segue into next weeks's episode, which scared me more than anything.
* The folks at DTS like to hybrid names. Lois & Clark = Clois. Clark & Lana = Clana. But Chloe and Clark is Cl-Chloe. Man that stuttering sound just doesn't work. Give up Chloe! But please, don't give it up.

Big Shouts to J-Lu for calling me when there was an SV (or simply S, as Cici pointed out to me) special on the ABC family channel. I thought cool! Most of the cast, including KK, was interviewed. That happiness was doubled when the hostess (not the twinkies company) was Brooke Burke! BB = the ultimate MILF. So when BB was interviewing KK...whoa. However, either BB is hella tanned or KK is mad pale. Or both, since the complexions were way contrasting.

I got other ish to write about so hopefully I'll get the chance later. And No, its not about SV.