Friday, July 30, 2004

So this dude is trying to sell 2 pairs of Jordans. I'm interested in one of them, so I offer him 225 (market value ~275-300). He's like "well someone already offered that, so I'd sell them to you for more than 225." I'm like okay, cool. I offer 230. He says homeboy would match. Then I go how much. He then goes "he's paying 550 for both." Then I go "yo, that's like 275 each!" And he's like, "wow, you're right! sorry I can't sell them to you then. i thought his offer was for 225 each."

This illustrates pet peeve #25864: people who can't do simple mathematics.

Pet peeve #25865: So I ask my boss a yes or no question via AIM:

reegsta: are we making a deposit today?
boss: y

Y evidently means "yes." But I read it as "why?" I hope I wouldn't be the only one deceived by that answer.