Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A few more gym observations:
- I went yesterday after work, and in the locker room, I saw some guy with a colorful tattoo on his right butt cheek. (No really, I really did go to the gym).  I didn't stare long enough to depict what it was, since there was a mirror there and I didn't want him to see me checking out his arse.  I wondered if that part of the body costs more to tattoo, since you have to worry about dingleberries and such.
- I wanted to use some dumbbells yesterday that were near this dude.  So respectfully I asked him if he was using them.  He shot me a look like he was saying "i don't use them paperweights boy!" but just said "go ahead."  So I guess it works both ways.
- If it wasn't for the exercise bike, I would have never put a dent in Angels & Demons.  Maybe when I finish it I'll move back to the treadmill.
- I've played ball a couple days ago, since I don't lift and ball the same day, unless I ball before.  For some reason I was next and ran with varsity.  I swear everyone was at least a 6 foot assassin, and there's me.  How come the best ballers are the dudes with the worst kicks?  I mean, this dude who was shooting the lights out was rocking some K-Swiss air force one knockoffs.  Homeboy was automatic.  Maybe I should get me a pair?