Friday, July 16, 2004

When I was growing up, I was (and still am) a big fan of the Arsenio Hall Show (whooo! whooo!).  I guess we all are.  On that note, here's my ode to the man.  Things that make you go hmmmm:
1.  why is pounds abbreviated lbs?  when i was a youngin', i would pronounce it like "2 libs of apples."  i mean, wouldn't pds make more sense?  also, when people greet each other, they give each other a "pound."  conversely, in england, do people greet each other by giving a "dollar"?!?  again, why is it called a "pound cake"?  i've lifted a couple, and some weigh less and more than 1 pd.  props to all the ESL out there, its a difficult language to grasp.
2.  pimples are outgrown thingys on your face (or butt).  but if you turn the "p" clockwise into a "d," and therefore dimples, they are ingrown thingys on your face (or butt).  anyone else notice that symmetry between the words?
3.  feel bad for ursher.  first he wants to leave the first chick he's seeing because of her friend (u make me wanna), then after talking to this girl, he's thinking about someone else (u got it bad), but then, he can't get with her because it reminds him of the 1st chick (u remind me), then his current chick starts ignoring him (u don't have to call), which is okay, because he'll be alright tonight.  Just when you think he's figured it out (my way), he impregnates a chick on the side (confessions) and his girl leaves him (burn).  and just in case we didn't get the point, he tells us again (confessions II).  (yeah!)
4.  how come when i'm at the gym, and like a 100 pd dumbbell is near me, some big dude always asks if i'm using it.  hello?  i barely could bench that, and if they see the 10 pd weights in my hands, they realize that i'm not using it.  one day i'm just gonna say "most def i'm using it!"
5.  jessica alba has been confirmed to star in "the fantastic four." if you’re not familiar with the superheroes, one is mr. fantastic, the human torch, the thing and the invisible woman.  obviously, the dark angel is playing the invisible woman.  which is ironic, since who wants to see her invisible?