Wednesday, July 14, 2004

60 second review: The Roots - The Tipping Point

I love the Roots. More than Outkast. More than Gangstarr. From the Organix and Do you Want More?!? organic sounds to Illadelph's sonic adventures to the progressive Things Fall Apart to the neo-soul Phrenology, they haven't disappointed me. They may flip up their sound, yet they still have the same end result: good music. But consistently putting out dope albums may be as Carter would say, the gift and the curse. Any of the aforementioned albums would be certified classics if any other group dropped them, but there's no Illmatic-type in the bunch. On the flip side, there's no Nastradamus either. On their 6th offering, they deliver straight raw, complex and polished music, straying away from the experimenting that their other joints delivered. No wack lyrics, no recycled beats, no wack r&b hooks...just dope songs. Another release without much fanfare, despite establishing a dedicated fanbase resulting from touring 300 days a year, the Legendary Roots Crew comes through. They are truely an anamoly in today's hip-hop world. This album adds another chapter to their extensive catalog. Now go buy it for $9.99 at Circuit City and don't bootleg it.