Thursday, August 21, 2003

Like Rakim would say, "It's been a long time." Relatively speaking of course. So I guess it would be better to quote another 18th Letter - Regan! "It's been a minute." I mean, its not like I've been mad busy, maybe mad lazy, but ironically never really mad. I do wanna play Madden '04 though and get that new Madlib and Jaydee cd. I don't have a PS2 nor a XBox, but my roommate has the former. Isn't it kinda ghetto to buy a video game but not own the console? Sorta like buying records and not having any turntables (oops, I'm guilty!). Like buying a laptop bag and not having a laptop (ha! guilty no more). Or like having cereal and no milk. Man, that's my 2nd Friday reference in my blog. Hope you 3 readers caught em!

Hmmm...thinking...thinking...right now would be the perfect time for that hourglass icon...hmmm...this is why I don't blog as much...thinking...ok, Reeg's gonna talk about TV shows! Alright, its summer, so that means Smallville's on vacation. I caught the premiere episode of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. (Tuesdays, 10:30 PM, MTV) Actually this pilot(?) was pretty entertaining. Highlights of the show:

Jessica: "Is it chicken or tuna?"
Nick (stoned face look): "Tuna"
Jessica: "Then why is it called Chicken of the Sea?"
Nick (stoned face look): .....

Hahaha that was funny. And everything tastes like chicken anyways.

Jessica (whining): "Is there, like, maids for celebrities?!"

Another one...

Nick: "$20 an hour does seem like a lot to just fold clothes" after giving a maid $100 to do laundry and fold clothes for 5 hours.

You know, I'll stop...I'm sure it was funnier as it was happening; the integrity of the humor gets lost in the transition. Their personality's remind me of me and the v-may haha. And she even admitted to it.

We were again channel surfing on Sunday when we caught Sex in the City (Sundays, 9:00PM, HBO). Because, you know, I would NEVER watch this show on my own accord. It just so happened we rushed to the TV at 9, and hey what do ya know...the channel was coincidentally on HBO already! Its only a half hour, no commercials, so it goes by pretty fast fortunately. Because I wouldn't watch it if it were a minute over. But I really wanted to watch The Man Show and SpikeTV. Anyways, there was a storyline how Carrie lost a pair of kicks. And she was traumatized. However, through an act of God she got a replacement pair, and was instantly euphoric. Too bad that was only a subplot. If there were a TV solely on kicks (get it?!?!?! sole-ly), I'd be a watcher!

Smooth segue reeg...gotta thank ci-squared for the proper spelling. I'm waiting on a pair coming from the UK. I usually don't like dealing with international transactions, but like Ralph Tresvant, I gotta do what I gotta do. Besides that, the kicks are so worth it! At least I got my Black/Orange dunks in, just in time for the SF Giants sprint towards the postseason. Pictures hopefully coming soon! Depending on US Customs and all.