Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I'm tryna do this religiously. I was watchin Miss Teen USA last night and it could've passed for Miss USA, implying that them girls look waaay older than 15-18 age bracket they were in. I felt kinda perverted watching it actually. So of course I kept watching. Miss Oregon won Miss Congeniality, and was also crowned Miss Teen USA. Take that Sandra Bullock. I was glad to see her win, since I was pulling for her and all. THERE WAS A SBTB sighting! Mario Lopez aka AC Slater aka Always Cool aka Albert Clifford aka Greg Louganis aka Mr. Ali Landry was the host. Contrary to popular belief, he was my fav character on the show, not Dustin Diamond.

Potential nicknames for this site:
Blue Balls: It has been erected for awhile, but nothin happened to this site
Reeg Speak: I like the sound of that, since I try to have a spectacular vernacular
Encyclopedias Falling Down: Because I like to drop knowledge

Got to peep BAD BOYS II and AMERICAN WEDDING this weekend. Both were great and both were better than their predecessor (run-on i know). But the original AMERICAN PIE is still better than the third. In this movie, only band chick reappears out of the girls, while OZ (Chris Klein) doesn't appear in this movie. However, I was greatly disappointed that the SHERMANATOR didn't appear in it also. Despite this, Stifler does a wonderful job and is a scene stealer.

BAD BOYS was bad a$$. Great action movie. But what puts this movie over the top is the comedy. They could categorize it in this genre rather than an action flick. Don't know what the sequel of the summer is: these flicks or X-Men?

- NetFlix is taking forever with THE REAL CANCUN.
- I have a problem when I spend more on kicks than rent per month.
- Good thing boogers don't smell.
- Tiger Woods is gonna win the PGA this weekend.
- Can't wait for my new People Under the Stairs and Nextmen cds.
- I should be working.