Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Man...it's kinda hard to post consistently! I'm struggling to find ideas. Yesterday I went to the gym and had an appointment with a trainer. So there's a chart of fat levels: lean, average, fair, unhealthly. Prior to being tested I'm like I'm probably average-fair. Boy was I wrong. I am UNHEALTHLY. But I would be average if I were a chick. He told me if was mainly my eating habits. On that note, I had pizza and a soda for lunch today. Burp.

A few observations @ the gym:
- how do people work out in jeans?
- if you have swamp a$$, and you fart, is it considered a wet fart?
- they should have funny mirrors instead of regular mirrors
- 1 out of 4 people sweat profusely; i'm in the minority
- i wish i could swim
- i need headphones
- i should eat better

That's it for now...time to earn my chips.