Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hey all...I'm like literally the only one in my department today, isn't that swell! So here is an opportune time to blog. So how have I been since last time? Pretty much the same. Highlights include:

- Brought my laptop back because there was a dead pixel on the screen that popped up occasionally. It was as irritating as a sweaty murphy. So I got a new laptop, same model and I got a $100 price adjustment!

- Gym update: Still trying to decide which cardio workout is best. I tried the treadmill, but its not good for the joints and kicks. I tried the stationery bike, but i get the aforementioned sweaty eddies (murphys yall). I tried the precor, but I feel retarded and clumsy.

Other thoughts...

- Flicks: So LOTR2 dropped today, and I still haven't seen the first one. And its been sitting in front of my DVD playa for the last fortnight. I must watch it eventually. I think I'm the only one!

- Chicks: I saw a preview of Honey, starring Jessica Alba and Lil Romeo. Man, first I see him on Cribs, and now he's in a movie w/ Ms. Alba?? He must've been Saint Romeo in his prior life. Basically that movie is like Save the Last Dance meets Flashdance, so they say...maybe I'll catch it one day.

- Kicks: Still waiting on that pair travelling overseas. I think I'll take a month off from purchasing, if that's possible.

- Muziks: Heard Ice Cube on the radio today. No, not on KMEL. Not on KYLD either. Nope, not on Power106 either. Wait, why are the numbers for Power106 105.9. Do they round? Freakin' LA stations. Anyways I heard him on ALICE 97.3. Pretty cool to see him evolve from Gangsta, Gangsta (the inspiration for my SN) to a Hollywood Juggernaut. And me evolve from KYLD to ALICE. Oh no!

Sports: I wanna watch that Playmakers (ESPN, 6pm, Tuesdays) series. Epsen hyping the heck out of it. It does look good though. Bill Romanowski is an idiot. He punched his TEAMMATE and broke his nose, so he's out 4-6 weeks. What a guy. Quiet on the basketball front, with it being offseason and all.

- I want to see The Graduate, playing at the Curran I think. I LOVED that movie...I mean film. Thank you Mr. B for enlightening me. So I'm sure its gonna be fun to watch, but they have a limited run here. Believe it or not, I'ma big Simon & Garfunkel fan. Well, that one song anyways...Maybe thats why I liked American Pie so much.

- Labor day is coming up. Funny how its called labor day, when labor means work. So its essentially called Work Day, which basically is monday thru friday. Everyday is a labor day. I propose we rename it Vacation Day.

Aight back 2 work...