Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Mad respect goes out to the web page designers out there, because I was having more issues than Time Magazine modifying my title. You think you can just type out a downloaded font and type it, but as Beyonce would say, no no no. Steps involved:

Goal: To change my title font
1. find a font you like, download it, extract it, and copy to your font file
2. since its not a true type font, create it as a jpeg
3. fill the background color of the jpeg with the exact color code of where you want to paste
4. resize it accordingly, save the text jpeg, and upload it
5. insert jpeg into header, and size accordingly
6. voila! and an hour later, you're done!

I picked a title from that informal poll that I had, and that choice won by a landslide. The official count was 1-0-0. Also the subtitle is that of a rap song in the late 80s, by the famous DOC. D.O.C., not doc. I know what you're thinking - Reeg influenced by a rap song??? no way!!!

I made other tweaks to this site. I have a pic of the moment, as I was tired of the one of me, J and Rich (not J-Rich the basketball player). Wish it could be du jour, but more likely du week, or du deux weeks. I really should show eric that picture, which reminds me of a story. He did something to me with it, so I had to get him back. I planted that dildo in his bag one day. He went to work one morning and went to a meeting. Upon opening his bag, he saw a long purple thing protruding (haha). He then excused himself from the room, brought his bag, and buried it below all his stuff (haha). Later that evening, he was pissed that I planted it there (haha). Boy we had fun with that thing (haha).

Anyways, woohoo! Blogging on back to back days. I also have a lil email button on the right, since the right side wasn't getting any love. Plus I chose a shot where it looks like I'm reading my own blog! How's that for strategic picture picking? Also I added a few more links that I visit.

Okay I'm outtie like a belly button.