Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, might as well blog about everything else! So this weeks been pretty down and up. The downs: my car is in the shop, my car is in the shop, and my car is in the shop. The ups: the estimate is "only" $2-300, I got my bonus w/o having to meet anything, we're moving offices so I don't have work friiiday, SV, and my bro bought me a pair of kicks. Well I thought I had more downs but I can't think of any at the moment. So I guess the week turned out better than I envisioned!

Oh yeah, I wanted to blog about my weekend. Happy bday to Dan and Phil. Highlights from Dan's day:
- If a hot waitress asks how you like your meat, ALWAYS say "i like it raw" (w/ a wink). Guaranteed will work. So anyone down for Red Robin on Friday?
- Line of the night: "That waitress was so hot, if she was mine, I'd tip her 15%!!!" (courtesy of me haha)
- Not sure how crumpling TP instead of folding TP makes you a metrosexual. But a recent poll shows women tend to crumple and men tend to fold. The Reegsta crumples. Whatever the case, I'm confident in my metrosexuality.
- I had to abbreviate the night early, I have a GF curfew.
- I think I signed a snowboarding contract?! Is my word not bond enough?
- Drinks of the day: Sierra, Hypnotic, and some nasty Korean drink.

Onto Phil's Day:
- D&B's is a pretty poppin' spot. Was gonna go once to the one in "The OC," but the ppl I was with didn't want to pay the $3. No really.
- Interesting way to divvy up the tab. Is that standard for people over 24 yrs old? Is that how people usually do it? Basically we split the tab evenly between the ppl there, but some ppl only ordered an appetizer and no drank, whereas others ordered a main course and drank. Oh well. I got my money's worth!
- Mit + row + sax + U + Ill = A confused Regan. I will never play Win Lose or Draw w/ you cats.
- We ate in the Karaoke Room. And the guys were forced to sing "Bye Bye Bye." In front of everyone, including other guests. Naturally I was Justin. Our name: The Metrosexuals (notice the recurring theme). BB Mak wanted to battle, but they couldn't see us. I want to see them out that door....
- I schooled J in hoops, but V-may schooled me in skeeball. Those credits go by waay to fast.
- Loyal readers remember last weekend I talked about an old HS chick. Can you say deja vu?? But this is a different one. Exactly ten years ago, this girl walks up with her army of 25 freshman chicks, approaches the shy and solo Reegsta (maybe I was w/ P-Diddy) and asks him to the XMas dance. Under extreme pressure, he says yes. So we go to the dance, and I'm not really feelin her. I even dance w/ this girl named Valerie for a little bit. So the next semester starts, we're avoiding each other, and I think she's blackballed me! You can blue ball me, but not blackball me! But whatever, I was mapping out my 3 year pimpin' plan. The next years Xmas dance rolls around, and believing I've been blackballed, no one asks me. In retrospect (about 1 day after) I guess I should've done the asking. Anyways, she went to the dance w/ some nerd who goes by the name Callwave now. But then she transferred at the end of the year. Fast fwd to 2K3, and the signs were there. Callwave told me she friendsta'd him. "So what." Jefe says he saw her. "And?" So it was bound to happen. I done saw her this past weekend. Said "hi." Thats about it.