Wednesday, October 29, 2003

My Seinfeld blog. Pretty easy to figure that one out. I'm at work now, taking a quick break. I'm now in the beautiful city of Brisbane, which is a better commute, but I'm only surrounded by office buildings. This is the first time in awhile where I'm working in a traditional office environment. I used to work into a converted warehouse, and this job held shop in a car showroom prior to moving. But both places were designed to promote a distinctive office aura, so I couldn't tell that a Honda used to occupy my cube. I guess I really have to watch Office Space now, as coworkers were echoing the parallels. Brisbane is a funky area - don't know whether its SF or SM county, if its 650 or 415. Whatever, its close enough to home. Now I just need to decorate my area.

Now I know fall is really upon us. The basketball season started and daylight savings time. Still haven't changed all my times back, for i'm conducting a phychological test. So far I have no conclusion. I never was good at science.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ was talking about somewhere the ladies get in free. Her host quickly retorted, "So that means metrosexuals are half price?"

Its hard to be a metrosexual for halloween.

So Wednesday is Hump Day. How come the other days don't get names? That's not fair.

I want to shrink my font on this screen. Maybe I'll experiment later.

Haven't been to the gym in about a week. It sucks not having a car, but its real cool having a chaffeur.

Jessica Alba is on the current cover of MAXIM. If my maleman doesn't bring it soon, I'ma go postal. (But I already saw the pics...omgoodness)

MTV's Sunday Stew is pretty funny. Might have to start watching that religously.

Weekend looks promising: have Ed and Anthony's Masquerade Ball, and D-boy's San Bruno Poker Tour Tourney. Results coming next week.

Today is the 29th, and I go the next 2 days w/o buying kicks, then it'll be the first time since I don't when that I haven't bought kicks in a given month. I got will power.