Thursday, October 30, 2003

Almost forgot to do my SV recap. I guess that shows how uninspiring the episode was. Perry had on some crazy drunk goggles on last night. And those super fans will know that Perry White is the future editor of the Daily Planet. He even had a recurring role in Lois n Clark. Well theres not much to say about this episode, just a few criticisms.

Didn't Lana see Perry tie himself to a rope?
I thought the red truck was totally totalled?
Didn't Chloe take down the wall of weird?
Did she put it back up, or was that a different wall?
What does "LEX XX" mean on his license plate?
I thought Clark only bleeds w/ Krytonite?
What did Perry do to Lionel?
How come every creeps up on Lex in his crib?
One more thought: What the heck was he doing in Lake Tahoe?

Oh well, next week should prove interesting =).