Monday, November 03, 2003

Woohoo. Another weekend ends, and the work week commences. Ever wonder why graduations are called "commencements"? Anyways, the reegsta had a pretty rad weekend. It was def, dope and ill. And fresh. Well this 80s rap slanguage is just a precursor to friday nights halloween costume - a B-BOY. LL Cool J's Kangol, Run-DMC's track suit and white kicks (sorry it was Nike, I can't wear Adidas), Rakim's gold chains, somebody's chest hair, and Radio Raheem's (from Do the Right Thing) boombox. Pictures coming soon!

- I honestly didn't recognize Dan as a grumpy old man. Well he is closer to 30 than to 20.
- Phil was supposed to be Harry Potter, but he was closer to Grand Master Whitey of the KKK.
- V-may had a masquerade mask, but didn't dress up.
- Anth was Maverick from Top Gun. Anth was also mad tossed around 1. Where was Goose when you needed him?
- Big Al had my favorite costume of the night. He was a big nerd.
- It was good to see Marie. But is was sad to see her sis have a phatter medallion than me. What did Dennis do this Halloween?
- Ed was a Crash Test Dummy. Or a condom. Depending on your perspective.
- Nick and J were Bosom Buddies. But I think they took that a lil too literally.

Wow, I guess this time we need pictures to complement this blog. Maybe that'll make me post them faster.

I played in my first poker tourney on Saturday. A room w/ 21 Asians and Dennis Ruel can be intimidating. So I'm not sure if that factored in my poor play. Anyways, when does 2 pairs beat a straight? Only on the San Bruno Poker Tour. 2 rules were inposed prior to the start of play. 1. No wrap-around. And 2. Aces always high. Controversy occurred when the final 3 contestants were battling. Playa 1 (Rob) had a 1-2-3-4-5. Playa 2 (Dan) had 2 pairrr. Rob goes all in, yet loses when the rules are reviewed. Oh well. Dan got a few Benji's. Better luck next time.

Sunday was supposed to be kick back, so I just went to the driving range. Snup was blowin up my phone, and proper etiquette is you don't answer your phone while golfing. But whatever, he called, and I picked up. "Yo Reeg, wanna go the Niner game?" Keep in mind the game is like an hour from kickoff. "Fa sho!" for I never been to a 9er game before. So we get to the game, miss the 1st 2 touchdowns, but did see some good game action, as well as some good eye candy. They wanted to leave early to avoid the traffic. I guess middle of the 4th wasn't early enough! It took HELLA long to exit that parking lot. You'd think payin $25 for parking can expedite things a lil quicker. Anyways, after rollin through HP to bring Snup home I get to rest. And after a sunny day, it was hella raining during the night.

Yesterday was also All Souls Day. God bless the dead. My cousin in the PI just had a lil baby, but he died just after 4 days of living after a complicated pregnancy. He came out prematurely since he was due on Christmas Day. My cuz and his wifey were able to get lil Christian baptized fortunately, as well as give him a proper burial. I always said the saddest thing in life would be to bury your own seed. This trajedy couldn't have happened to a better hearted couple. RIP Christian Rafael Reside.