Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Another fun filled weekend passed by. Well, not really another one...but a fun one nonetheless. I don't even remember what I did Friday, not because I was drunk, but rather I can't think straight right now. Fast forward to Saturday. Its my GFs good friends birthday, so we celebrate it at this restuarant in the city called the Butterfly Lounge. It was one of those trendy Asian Fusion restuarants where surprisingly, there are no Asian waitresses. They had something on the menu called the "Pu Pu Platter," and with that name I just had to order it w/o knowing exactly what I was gonna get. Isn't that funny? It was almost as funny as when I reached over to shake some guys hand, and then proceeded to knock down a container of chopsticks. Ooops. I'll just use my fork. After dinner the entourage headed to this nonstraight club on Castro, and since we had another obligation to attend, we unfortunately couldn't make it. Shucks.

On our way across town, we head to Sylv's shindig. As we proceed to the back of the club for the private party, we recognize no one. So we walk back through the front, and still we don't recognize no one. Sylv sure has a lot of friends we don't know! After recognizing the dazed look on our faces, one gentleman goes "Are you looking for Sylvia?" She's right there." Thanks man! Anyhow, the people we recognize start filtering in, and its always good to see familiar faces. Events include:

- A shot of liquid cocaine. Haven't had one since college. Yucky.
- A convo w/ Michelle who straight BOUNCES in the middle of it WITHOUT even telling me!
- Seeing this girl yack and then cleaning it up w/ her BARE HANDS. Christine then goes "Do we know that girl?!" Turns out it was the celebrant. Happy Birthday Sylv!
- I thought V-may and this girl didn't like each other. But yet they were chopping it up like old pals! But a FUNNIER site was seeing lil Val talk to her also. And she doesn't like her even more! Can't people just let go?
- Rushing to get a card for Sylv to go along w/ the present, but not seeing her leave! So the present is in my trunk right now. Umm, I'm not sure what it is. No really.
- Figuring out what ethnicity Sylv's roomy is. Is it possible to be a 1/3 something, a 1/3 something, and a 1/3 something else??
- Where the heck did Snup go? Note: if someone's trying to find you, don't leave your phone w/ someone else.
- Snup making The Drunk Dial. Oh yeah, that's why he didn't have his phone.
- Discussing the virtues of Smallville while drinking.
- The room gave new meaning to wall-2-wall carpeting. Since they were actually on the wall. Must be fun to vacuum!