Friday, October 10, 2003

Wow I think this is a record for most blogs in a week. Current thoughts:

- Comfort Room Courtesy 101: If you leave skid marks, please cover them with TP or a seat cover.
- Congrats to Ahnold, but it would suck if his middle initial began with an "S." Go Governator!
- I didn't vote. But I shall in the Presidential election.
- My sickness got worser.
- The weather is acting funky. Well maybe only in DC, because its usually always sunny in SM. DC has got to be the foggiest place on earth, you'd think the city is amongst the clouds.
- Missed "Friends" again last night.
- I went to Costco yesterday (solo) because I needed only needed the industrial sized toilet paper. Ended up staying 1.5 hours! Because I need petrol (long line), then the regular line (not so bad) and the food line (long). I love them $1.62 Polish Dogs! HOWEVER, Goleta Costco had the best BREAD on their dogs. The Egg Bread. Along with the fake owls overlooking the food court.
- Please join my fantasy league! Email me for details.
- My freaking computer is trippin out with that freaking thing that changes your freaking homepage. Freaking again. Freak!
- To quote other people, TFGIFF =)