Thursday, October 09, 2003

The unofficial Smallville: Episode 2 post

1. Whoa crazy 3 part episode finally culminated...all great episodes
2. I totally forgot that the Kents gave Lex that compass for a gift.
3. Lana wasn't hot at all in last nights episode. Disappointed to say the least.
4. Where was Pete the whole episode?
5. Notice every dies after they get a glimpse that Clark is superhuman? The archaeologist, the scientist, the doctor, the reporter, the mob boss, the henchmen, and now Helen. Please Clark don't tell Lana!
6. Whoa thats the 2nd time Lana saw someone die in self-defense.
7. Whoa she can kick arse. That kick-boxing scene from last year was a precursor.
8. Um I was joking about point #3. Anyone fall for it?
9. I don't think Chloe will be that annoying this season.
10. Can you believe they're upperclassmen now?
11. You'd think enough people in Metropolis would know who "Kal" is.
12. I wonder what pact Jonathan made with Jor-el.
13. So the Kents and Lex co-own the farm?
14. Its sad that I recognized Helen's bag was a Louis.
15. Was there a pool scene is next week's episode? Too bad its not gonna be Nicodemus part II.