Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Lesson of the day: Always stand up before you flush

So yesterday I was taking my daily dump at work. I may have told some of you about some plumbing problems that our office had. So anyways, the H20 was back on, so it didn't ruin my flow (get it?). Anyways, so I'm chilling in the stall, reading some leftover reading material there, and 20 minutes later, I'm done. Since this jon is pretty powerful at work, I only single flush as opposed to my occasional double flush at any other toilet. I like to see what I accomplish so I get up and flush facing the toilet. So my routine is: dump, read, wipe, reflect, flush, confirm, wash hands (optional). So I flush the toilet, and it flushes like crazy! Water spews out from the whole brim, not because it was overflowing, but because the pressure was so high. It was like a vortex, and it wasn't the poop-contaminated water, it was the new water. I think. About a half gallon spills out. And then I realize why there was like a gallon of h20 already on the floor before my arrival. And I didn't think anything of it because I wasn't wearing my sneaks. This also happened to the prior flusher. So I wait until the coast is clear and I leave the bathroom. I just dreaded the thought of doing the courtesy flush while still posted on there. Whew.