Thursday, October 16, 2003

Smallville recap:

Well this episode was like a flashback to Season 1. Here's the basic template: There's a freak. The freak is attracted to Lana. The freak fights Clark and puts up a good fight. Clark prevails. Lana and Clark talk at the end, and Lana tells Clark to open up. He doesn't. So yesterday's episode followed that formula to a T. While I wasn't disappointed in the show, I was expecting more.
- Who swims in the dark? And how did sniper know Jake was down there?
- I take back what I said last week about Chloe.
- Lana should be in Charlie's Angels. Dang she kicks arse again!
- Did Clark always have a lead bulletproof vest?
- Clark and Lana are more touchy-feely.
- Lionel sure covers all his bases. Dang he's good.
- That bullet extraction was a lil gory.
- Maybe Lex is one of "them." He's almost as bulletproof as Clark.
- Whoa Pete sighting!
- Catch that reference to a LL website? What's wrong with visiting them?
- Next week is she topless? Or was I hallucenating? I don't want the WB to pimp her out.