Friday, August 01, 2003

WELCOME! So I guess this is my first official blog entry, and its still under construction. After posting on this page for awhile, I decided to go han solo. But no fear! I'll still post there from time to time. Probably still more often than some of you other cats.

What will we find here? Basically the temporary title tells you. I liked the consonance of "Regan's Ramblings." The latter term is dedicated to the best sports university in the world. What other school has a 2 nicknames?! Only the Ramblin' Wreck. So its a double meaning yall. And the subtitle, while having the same spelling structure, surprisingly doesn't rhyme. But at least it looks like it does. My mind wonders like Stevie and 9th. Props to those that got the reference! And plus I have points to ponder - thus the title. But moreso this site will primarily be thoughts and bon mots. Again, that doesn't rhyme either.

Also, if you know me, I have a passion for hoops, hip-hop and kicks, not necessarily in that order. So expect that to be a recurring theme up in here. So look for bball knowledge, 30 second music reviews and my latest pickups and the like.

I encourage comments, dialogue, suggestions, criticisms, questions, corrections, donations, and all that. So visit, drop me a line, holler @ me, and I'll try to provide a nice online diversion to your day.