Friday, August 01, 2003

So i'm sitting here, waiting for work to end, so I can work......out. Yes yes yall! After walking into 24 Hr Fitness yesterday wanting a trial 1 month memebership, I come out w/ an expensive 3 year one. Damn good salespeople ya heard. They can sell water to a well. Or is it whale? I need some clarification. But anyways, thats been a goal of mine since the day before forever, and I now have my gym membership. Like the Beatnuts would say, Watch out Now!

"I'm an addict for sneakers:" So I picked up a pair of the shoes pictured on the bottom left. Nike Air Force Max Retro in Black/Grey. Freakin' 3rd time owning this pair. 1st time in 8th grade, adn they were fresh. Then a year ago, but I sold them b/c they didn't have the box. They were clean. Now again, with box and all, they are fresh and clean like Andre and Big Boi. They're keepers now...

Keeping with the retro craze, on how old styles get new colors, it can apply to hip-hop too. If you haven't heard 9th Wonder's "I used to love HER" remix. OMG. Its bangin'. Of course the OG is classic like coca-cola. They done made a movie based on that song (Brown Sugar). BUt this Retro+ song is bananas. The league of extraordinary gentleman = Justus League. What.

Anybody else wanna see "American Wedding" as badly as I want to?