Monday, August 04, 2003

Because you requested it, here's my weekend cap again (recap):

friii-day: Let me start with a story. I needed a backpack in the fall of 1998. So me and my roommate Norm went shopping for one. I picked one out at Eddie Bauer, since it was on sale and all, then I got back to slum village and realized that...This is a laptop backpack that looks like a normal backpack! Turns out I used it for a couple weeks before buying a North Face. I made a mental note to self: use this again when you get a laptop. Fast forward 5 years. Guess what I did on friday. Okay okay enough suspense. For those tortoises out there, I bought a laptop! Considering I've been using premillenium PCs, this is pretty significant. Now I can blog on the run. Beware PC snobs: is it a Compaq, but at least it looks cool..

it's satur-day!: Went to my first A's game of the season w/ Nick and J. They tried to convert this Giant Guy into an A's guy. The Damn Yankees were in town, and I got to witness their only victory in the series. A lot of offense, bad D and bad pitching....not that i'm a baseball analyst or anything. Oh yeah, I ate the longest hot dog ever, it was like 12 inches (Please refrain from the jokes).

Later on that evening, I met up Snup and his folks (not his parents, but his peeps) at the Bubble Lounge. While it looked cool on the inside, it was a pretty boo-jou spot. Hella champagne drinkers; I just wanted a beer. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

sunday: Me and my bro and sis went on a shopping expedition to vacaville. Man I wasted my gas, since I didn't find anything for me. Frustrated, I ordered some kicks off foot locker since their 30% sale was ending last nite.

There you have it!