Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Its smack dab in the middle of the week, otherwise known as Wednesday, or Hump Day. If it were me, everyday would be Wednesday. But then it wouldn't be Hump Day, it'd be Groundhog Day. Thus it would never be my brithday, so forget it.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ONLINE PURCHASES. However, if THEY want to send the product FIRST, and then after YOU RECEIVE it and are SATISFIED with it, then PAY, then good for you.

So the KB8 case is set for the initial hearing, and new reports have him blocking the doorway. I guess thats a new meaning for the term cockblocking. HA.

But for real, I'll reserve judgment (judgement in the UK) until I hear the whole thing. Even though I haven't been a real laker fan since 110791, I wish he didn't do it. Man, all for the nookie.

My brother is coming up tonight from LA, but I don't think I'ma see him. He's only making a pitstop before heading to seatown. I need to get him a wedding present. For my other bro we got them a Stretch Navigator Limo. Of course we got to roll in it, otherwise it wouldn't have happened! Him and his fiancee are gettin' hitched next month. Check it out! Their Wed site Yes, dorks they are. And if that's coming from me, well...nevermind.

A slight modification to my site: changing "comments" to "respond/react," as an ode to the Roots. Now I need to make this column fatter, and then it'll be phatter.