Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Happy belated T-day everyone. Been away for awhile: from work, from blogland, and even from AIM! Anyways, thanks yall for all the support and condolences. Its much appreciated. I was a pall-bearer for the first time, and when we buried her, it was hella raining, hella windy, and hella cold. That wasn't fun and I think I'm coming down on a flu, as is half my fam.

Anyways, we had a cool thanksgiving. Had deep fried turkey for the 1st time. We had a 20 lb bird, yet the fryer had an 18 lb capacity. Oh well, it fit anyways. And it was scrumptulous. Does anyone know how to dispose of 3.5 gallons worth of peanut oil?

As for the 7th annual Post-T-Day Dinner, it was a good turnout. And us gambling addicts played poker again. And I lost again. Man I suck. So then I played that word association game where you need to compile answers w/ all the same letter? Its a pretty popular game, but I'm brain farting now. I'm not good at that either. Its a fun game, just too many gray areas.

Go Georgia Tech! You could jump on the bandwagon now, or wait until it gets crowded.

Man its December already, and I've been living it my place for 1 whole year. And one of my roommated moved out last week. And the ppl downstairs are moving out next month. Is there something I don't know about?

So no Smallville for the next month? Crazy. Maybe I'll get around (like 2pac) to that episode I missed. That's cool. Anyways, I saw the Diary of Jessica Alba yesterday. She plays golf. And drinks beer in the AM. And rocks Nikes. Wowsers. Honey will hit theatres Dec 5, 2K3. Remember when I mentioned that movie a few months back?

Man I haven't worked a full day since last last Monday. Eeeks, this ish is catching up to me.