Monday, December 08, 2003

Another weekend passes by. And another work week is upcoming. This is getting rather monotonous! Anyways, Sat and Sun came like a blur. Didn't do much, still got a very minor cold. I did though get to watch Honey, and I nominate JA for an Oscar. Go see it. Now.

I also went to Serramonte for the 1st time in hella long. Oh the changes. The got rid of the fountain and replaced it! There are now lounge areas with sofas around. McDonalds has a new sign. Its gettin to look like Stonestown! But the people remain the same. Dudes smaller in height and girth than me rockin the 3XL jerseys, when I'm only an extra medium. Everyone rocking either Air Force Ones or Dunks. Lil teenage girls wearing hella makeup. Oh yeah, Serramonte is on friendster, so be sure to request her!

It rained on Saturday, and I swear rain makes me lazy. So I slept. Was gonna go to a bball game, but these aren't your typical Knicks. Go 9ers! Good win on Sunday.

Wow, what a boring blog! I shall end this now.