Monday, November 24, 2003

Happy Monday yall. This weekend wasn't too shabby. A couple highs (no I didn't smoke out) and a low. But whatever gets thrown at you you have to handle it. On friday night, I went to see my lola again. She's not looking too good, which is funny because last week she was so ready and excited to leave the hospital. But now she has all these IVs in her and is in ICU. Hopefully she can spend t-day with us, but thats looking unlikely. And its hard to swallow when the doc asks what do we want to do if she has another heart attack. Do me a favor and pray for my lola.

Saturday marked my one year anniversary of being a Bay Area dweller. Wow that flew by. I remember that drive on "the" 5 since I was by myself. And I reflect in the car almost as much as I do on the toilet when I'm riding solo. Did I make the right decision to bounce? Did LA treat me well? Did I treat LA well? Should I have gone in the first place? Should I have stayed longer? In a way LA was like an epilogue to my SB story, as it was a natural extension since most of my good SB friends also went to LA. However, working life is nothing like college life, especially in an area as vast as southern cali. Of course I miss my folks down there, but I think I keep in touch with them, even if they'r not on AIM haha. And I miss living with Fresh, who's living solo now. "If I can't live with you, I'm not living with anyone." That was pretty cool to hear from him. Some of yall know how macho he is. Many people concluded I moved back b/c of V-may, which is true, but she just happened to accelerate the process. I was coming home ultimately. Ironically, I got to kick it with my old roommate that day. Which is funny, because I rarely kick it w/ SB folk in NorCal. Well me and Matty hooked up with some of my other folks and went to this karaoke bar. And Matt tore up the mic like we did it in SB circa '01.

Sunday was chill. Saw the 9ers lose and playoff hopes diminish. And I also saw Office Space for the first time. 2 words: HA HA. It was a great movie. Thanks Sylv for badgering me to watch it. That opening scene on the streets totally reminded me of myself, down to the geek rapping the hardcore Geto Boys is his business attire. I really have to play catch up on my flicks...I guess either Lord of the Rings or Finding Nemo is next. We'll see.

"Must be a case of the Mondays"