Thursday, November 20, 2003

Whoa just got back from Cancun....haha sike. When your away it takes awhile to get back to the speed of things, hence the nonblogging. It was a splendid trip...sightsaw, beached it, clubbed it and ate and drank it. I got a lil sick but thats kinda anticipated goin to a foreign land. Its a beautiful place, even moreso than I envisioned. I have pics, but not sure if I shall post. Hehe its just mostly pics of Valeregan.

I missed SV last week, but not last night. It was a good show: a lot of suspense, drama, but not a lot of lana. I really think that Michael Rosenbaum is a wonderful actor, almost as good as KK. That was a joke guys. So is Edge dead again? And why do they just leave a scene of a crime like that? Its seems when I review SV I nitpick at ish...maybe I'm just being overanalytical.

Also watched The Bachelor last night. Guiney is grimey. He made the right choice, and even though he didn't propose, I still give him props. I'm sure its hard to propose to a lady if you only knew her for 2 months. But damn, off-topic but Kirsten needs to come back to TV. Oh yeah, and Ryan and Trista are actually tying the knot on the tube. How appropriate.

Of course I don't watch The Bachelor solo, its V-may's fave show. And she always get so emotional every last episode haha. And we have the same convo each season. Of course she doesn't want me to date other chicks, but she always brings it up saying she doesn't want me to regret anything. So she puts it out there. Its almost she's encouraging me to do it. Not really, but yaknow. But I assure her that I wanna be w/ her, and if that wasn't the case, then I wouldn't be there right?

Oh yeah, I haven't mention my solo blog to her...yet. She thinks I still post on the 3rd Floor one. I might have to edit some things out before I tell her. Its funny though b/c multiple people have mentioned it to her, but she never really asks. She just goes, "You don't post stupid s**t on the blog right? Like how KK is hot or something?" Of course not =).

Haven't talked about music much lately. Went to Tower to browse, picked up the new Hieroglyphics and J-Live joints. Both solid upon the initial listening. One of my fav moments is ripping a CD open and listening to it the first time. Was tempted to pick up the new Britney, but passed. I think she's ODing on TV interviews and magazine covers, as TL can attest too. She still hot though. We used to roll to Tower every Tues, even dubbing it Tower Tuesday, since that's when new releases drop. Saw an old HS classmate there, but I totally ignored him.

So footaction has a crazy sale, with kicks up to 70%. Is it metrosexual to get excited over a sale? Anyways, a pair of kicks (Air Max 2K3) that I was about to buy for full price was half off! I couldn't decide which color I should get, red or navy. So naturally, I got both! Half off sales basically mean you just buy twice as much. I'm particularly excited because this is a shoe thats been designed this century, rather than the mostly retro kicks I usually get.

So T-Day is coming up, and all I hear about are deep-fried turkeys. I done never heard about them until this month, but now I hear they're the greatest thing since Air Jordans. That's hella oil man! It does sound good though, so maybe our fam will give it a shot.

Let's end this with a quote. I like quotes but can never remember them.

"Don't sweat the petty. Pet the sweaty."